Projects using NuGlove


Interactive Next-generation Testbed Environment for Retention and Assessment of Computer-based Training (INTERACT) INTERACT provides multi-modal feedback for immersive training environments to promote psychomotor learning and multi-modal skill acquisition. It consists of NuGlove, which provides gesture recognition and haptic feedback to a trainee, and a scent collar, which provides olfactory feedback. In combination with a virtual training environment, INTERACT will create a fully immersive experience with perceptual cues, optimal for skill acquisition and long-term retention. Under an SBIR Phase II contract from the Office of Naval Research, AnthroTronix completed a proof-of-concept integration with the Immersive Virtual Ship Environment (IVSE) Engineering Plant Technician (EPT) Training Course for the Littoral Combat Ship. INTERACT has also been implemented with Virtual Reality (V/R) googles.

  • Proof-of-Concept integration with the Surface Warfare Officers School Virtual Reality training course for Littoral Combat Ship Engineering Plant Technicians, developed by Cubic Global Defense
  • Video of the IVSE EPT Training Course:
  • Implemented Virtual Reality headset (HTC Vibe) demonstration
  • Demonstrated at the Surface Warfare Officers School, Newport, RI
  • Office of Naval Research SBIR Phase II contract

Intuitive Robot Operator Control (IROC)

  • Integration with Endeavor Robotics PackBot 510, Samsung phone, and heads-up display
  • Selected from IROC Challenge at Muscatatuck, IN
  • Marine Corps Warfighting Lab SBIR Phase III contract


Dynamic Robot Operator Interface Design Assessment, Guidance, and Engineering Tool (DROID AGENT) DROID AGENT advances the current state of human-robot interaction (HRI) through the development of a theoretically and empirically-based design science grounded in best practices and validated principles of human performance and human-systems integration. DROID seeks to develop an intelligent robotic architecture for collaborative teaming to facilitate naturalistic HRI. The ultimate goal is for humans and robots to work side-by-side in the home and in a military operational setting. For this project we are implementing intuitive forms of communication, with unmanned assets for seamless human-machine collaboration in two targeted use cases: 1) Combat Medic task and 2) Activity of Daily Living (ADL) task. This will be accomplished by detecting and mapping specific hand-based actions to steps within a task, along with vision-based data to relay to autonomous agents. This effort is being funded under an STTR Phase II contract with DARPA; the Computer Science department at the University of Maryland, College Park is our academic research partner for this effort.

  • NuGlove provides cues for autonomous behaviors by a robotic arm in different scenarios, e.g. Combat Casualty Care
  • Research Institute: University of Maryland, Computer Vision Laboratory & Autonomy, Robotics and Cognition (ARC) Laboratory
  • DARPA STTR Phase II Option contract


  • Multimodal system with NuGlove and haptic belt for silent non-line-of-sight communications and ground robot teleoperation
  • Used in Soldier experiments, Fort Benning, GA, 2014 and 2016
  • Army Research Office SBIR Phase III contract