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We design and develop systems to optimize human technology interaction.
Our cutting edge research and technology
services are focused on a smarter tomorrow.
With our commitment to enhancing the interaction
between humans and technology we continue to
deliver results that matter.


AnthroTronix is an award-winning engineering research and development company that produces human-centered technology. Our team of creative visionaries, comprised of designers, engineers, and scientists, work together to develop innovative, research-based technologies that influence change and enhance the lives of the end user. We specialize in human-computer interface technology and product development for mobile computing platforms and robotic systems for the advancement of health, communication, education, and defense.


AnthroTronix combines industry expertise with innovation to develop research-based software and hardware technologies that address human needs. We supply advanced product development and R&D services to industry leaders within the commercial and governmental sectors. We have extensive experience in basic and applied research and development related to military training, multimodal interfaces and feedback devices, mobile computing systems, haptic devices, human factors evaluations, and experimental design and testing.

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