Our work in mobile health technology includes the development of portable, clinical decision making tools for iOS and Android devices. As health care systems focus on wellness, prevention, earlier at-risk intervention, and home based health care, regular screening for cognitive efficiency is a valuable tool for primary care providers, emergency departments, mental health practitioners, and integrative care systems. Our modular systems allow for informed clinical and military assessment independent of a standard computer, optimizing field usability.


DANA™: The Brain Thermometer®


  • DANA™ is a Neurocognitive Assessment Tool (NCAT) running as a mobile application on Android and iOS devices, enabling deployment down range.*
  • Includes both cognitive and psychological test batteries, making it more robust than just cognitive testing.
  • Uses evidence based tests.


  • The Brain Thermometer: Fast screening for changes in neurobehavioral and cognitive function.
  • Very sensitive to changes in cognitive efficiency due to any cause (e.g. concussion, combat-related stress, deployment-related exhaustion).
  • Quick and simple. Easy-to-use tool for a variety of  settings (e.g. clinical, emergency room, military deployment).
  • Tracks changes in cognitive processing over time. Monitors responsiveness to treatment.
  • Supports quicker triage and assessing fit for duty and return to duty determination.


DANA Brain Vital

In under five minutes, it enables Role of Care 1 providers (e.g. Combat Medics, Navy Corpsmen, Air Force PJs) to accurately and objectively assess Warfighters’ cognitive function. Utilizes Simple Reaction Time, Procedural Reaction Time, and Go/No Go Tests.

DANA Standard

Assists Role of Care 1-4 providers to assess Warfighters suspected of functional impairment due to other reasons, such as emotional distress or deployment exhaustion. Can also be used down range as a follow up to DANA Brain Vital. DANA Standard can be administered in under 25 minutes.

DANA Modular

Can be configured to include any combination of individual cognitive and psychological tests.

Commercial versions of DANA are available for both iOS and Android devices.  

*The version of DANA developed for the Department of Defense is currently available only on Android devices.

Click here to download the DANA Commercial fact sheet.

Click here to download the DANA Military product sheet.

More information is available at http://danabrainvital.com

DANA provides clinicians with objective measurements of reaction time (speed and accuracy) to aid in the assessment of  an individual’s medical or psychological  state. DANA results should be interpreted only by qualified professionals.