The AcceleGlove™ instrumented gesture recognition glove (“designated iGlove for DoD/NIH applications”) has been developed under SBIR grants from the U.S. Army and Department of Education. The iGlove is a low cost gesture recognition system based on patented technology detecting the individual motions of the finger, hand, wrist, and arm. The iGlove is being further refined under a grant from the National Institutes of Health to assist with physical therapy, and the Office of Naval Research for military hand signal recognition. The iGlove, as a robot controller, uses the natural movements of the operator’s hand/arm as the input device to control both the movement of a robot itself, as well as the movement of ancillary devices such as grasping and lifting arms. Additional US Patents pending.

To purchase or learn more about the AcceleGlove, go to www.acceleglove.com.