Our work in mobile health technology includes the development of portable, clinical decision making tools for iOS and Android devices. As health care systems focus on wellness, prevention, earlier at-risk intervention, and home based health care, regular screening for cognitive efficiency is a valuable tool for primary care providers, emergency departments, mental health practitioners, and integrative care systems. Our modular systems allow for informed clinical and military assessment independent of a standard computer, optimizing field usability.


DANA is an FDA cleared clinical neurocognitive assessment tool that uses a smartphone or tablet for measuring and monitoring subtle and acute changes in cognitive efficiency. Unlike traditional screenings, which rely on costly brain scans, self-reporting, and time-consuming, subjective questionnaires, DANA provides a fast and accurate screening for changes in neurobehavioral and cognitive function.

DANA was developed to evaluate performance degradation in military personnel due to injury from blast or environmental factors. DANA can be used by the far-forward medic or corpsman for a quick initial assessment in an emergency situation; by the medic or corpsman for a deeper analysis of issues leading to potential degradation; and by the forward operating base clinician for comprehensive analysis.

DANA software can also be used during rehabilitation treatments to measure progress or decline after a stroke or other neurological incident, as well as to track detailed changes in cognitive performance throughout treatment and recovery. Because of DANA’s portability, the test can be given bedside, in an office, or during treatment or physical therapy.

With DANA, pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations can also measure – from anywhere– the most intricate changes in cognitive function in patients as well as in human research subjects to better determine the safety and efficacy of new interventions. DANA software’s patent-pending process merges cognitive and psychological assessments with objective and subjective measures, all verified by test/retest capability – via a simple handheld device. This innovative approach provides multiple levels of vital information related to brain health.

The DANA software is programmed to run in the Android operating system, which allows it to run on a variety of lightweight mobile devices. The mobility of the DANA system allows for assessing individuals in a variety of environments and dispositions closer in time to any potential traumatic incidents. As a standalone smart device or through integration with remote monitoring devices. iOS software is currently under development.

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