Local R&D Company Focuses Innovative Tools on Child Development Needs

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (October 13, 2004) – AnthroTronix, Inc., a local research and development company, will feature its revolutionary line of rehabilitation and educational products for children with and without disabilities at the SpecialNeeds SpecialKids Conference and Vendor Fair on October 16, 2004.  The company will demonstrate its CosmoBot™ and Mission Control™ systems designed to be entertaining for children while supporting therapeutic and educational needs.

“The SpecialNeeds SpecialKids Conference presents a great opportunity for us to introduce parents, therapists and other interested participants to the products we are building to address the needs of special children,” said Corinna Lathan, President and CEO of AnthroTronix.  “Our dedicated team at AnthroTronix is committed to designing, developing, and providing innovative technology solutions that advance the functional development of children with and without disabilities,”

AnthroTronix will showcase CosmoBot™, a 16” high fully interactive robot used for play, education, and therapy, with children controlling the robot through body movements, buttons, a joystick, or by voice.  The CosmoBot™ system motivates children while collecting data in the clinic, school, or at home, enabling therapists and teachers to focus on developmental goals.

Mission Control™ is an accessible computer interface with four large pressure buttons and a microphone that enables children to access their favorite computer games.  A suite of software games designed to encourage interaction captivates children during play.  While having fun, the interaction that is required is stimulating their developmental goals, such as receptive and expressive communication skills, which is effective both on an individual basis and during therapy sessions.  Data is collected and analyzed during use.

AnthroTronix is currently in the development phase of its first product, Mission Control™, with plans to begin manufacturing in early 2005.  Development of the CosmoBot™ system, in partnership with Ingeeni Studios, Inc., is currently underway with manufacturing on track for 2006.  Products will be marketed to assistive technology practitioners, rehabilitation hospitals and clinics, therapists, special educators, parents of children with disabilities, and the general public. AnthroTronix was recently selected as a 2004 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and highlighted in the Washington Post and Time magazine.