ATIA Conference Backdrop for Previewing Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software Products

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (January 19, 2005) – AT KidSystems™, the  manufacturer of products originating from the human factors engineering research and development initiatives of AnthroTronix, Inc., today premiered its first product line, Cosmo’s Learning Systems™, featuring Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software.  Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ product line was introduced at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2005 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

“A highly dedicated team of professionals from various industries have played an instrumental role in the creation of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™,” said Dr. Corinna E. Lathan, Chief Executive Officer of AT KidSystems™ and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnthroTronix, Inc.  “We have built a product line that is entertaining for the child and highly sophisticated in its technical capabilities to gather data that is invaluable to educators and therapists.  These products provide tremendous advancements in the developmental tools that are available today for all children.”

Cosmo’s Learning System™ is a suite of innovative learning tools for children of developmental ages 2-to-8 years.  Focused on supporting educational and rehabilitative goals, Cosmo’s Learning System™ features Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software.  Mission Control™ is a unique, multi-functional computer access device equipped with four large state-of-the-art aFFx™ activators, a built-in microphone and eight external ports to accommodate any additional sensors or attachments.   Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software operates in tandem with Mission Control™ allowing the child to control the virtual character, Cosmo™, during its adventures.  Playground Discovery™ is the first software title in a series of educational tools.

“The ATIA Conference provides the ideal venue for demonstrating these phenomenal new products that will greatly enhance the learning experience for children,” explained Judd Nathanson, President of AT KidSystems™.  “These products were developed with the direct involvement of physical, occupational and speech-language therapists, assistive technology practitioners and education experts to ensure that educational and therapeutic goals were incorporated in designs and functionality of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.   We are confident that when practitioners try out these products, they will be thrilled with what we’ve accomplished.”

AT KidSystems™ premiered its Cosmo’s Learning Systems in Booth #319 during ATIA’s 2005 Conference and Exhibition from January 19-22, 2005.  The ATIA Exhibition is being held at the Caribe Royale All-Suites Resort & Convention Center at 8101 World Center Drive in Orlando, Florida.