CEC Expo Backdrop for Demo of Premier Assistive Technology Product

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (April 7, 2005) – AT KidSystems™, the manufacturer of products originating from the human factors engineering research and development initiatives of AnthroTronix, Inc., opened the Council for Exceptional Children Expo with demonstrations of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.  An innovation in learning and therapy, Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ offers a suite of tools for children with disabilities.

“Comprehensive research has gone into development of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™,” explained Dr. Corinna E. Lathan, Chief Executive Officer of AT KidSystems™ and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnthroTronix, Inc.  “We have been meticulous in creating a system that reinforces a child’s actions by rewarding them with the entertaining activities of the virtual character Cosmo.  We brought together the ingenuity of technologists and engineers and the  expertise of educators and therapists to design a product line beyond compare.”

Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ features Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software.  Mission Control™ is a unique, multi-functional computer access device.  Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software operates in tandem with Mission Control™ allowing the child to control the virtual character, Cosmo™, during its adventures.  Playground Discovery™ is the first software title in a series of educational tools.

“Our goal is to deliver the latest advancements in child development products to the education and rehabilitation fields,” said Judd Nathanson, President of AT KidSystems™.  “We have encountered tremendous support and enthusiasm about Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.  The resounding response from educators and therapists after seeing how it operates is ‘How soon can I get one?’  We are confident that the attendees of the CEC Expo will be similarly thrilled by the benefits of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.”