CosmoBot & Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ Star in Future of Health Pavilion

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (June 24, 2005) – AnthroTronix and its subsidiary AT KidSystems™ give a glimpse into the future of health by spotlighting the advances in childhood learning and rehabilitation in its CosmoBot™ and Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ product line.  As one of only 100 visionary exhibitors to be showcased at WIRED NextFest in Chicago, the AnthroTronix innovations are on display from June 24-26, 2005.

CosmoBot™ and the new product line from AT KidSystems™, Cosmo’s Learning Systems™, which introduces an innovation in learning for children, are being demonstrated in the Future of Health Pavilion at the Navy Pier in Festival Hall A.  AT KidSystems™ manufactures products emerging from the human factors engineering and research and development initiatives of AnthroTronix, Inc.

WIRED NextFest celebrates innovation from top scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs in communication, design, entertainment, exploration, health, security and transportation.  The NextFest Pavilions serve as a staging ground for demonstration of unique inventions, prototypes, designs and interactive experiences from premier global inventors, companies and R&D facilities.  Further distancing itself from traditional trade shows or science fairs, NextFest establishes a futuristic environment resembling an art gallery without booths or aisles.