Cosmo™ Advances Education/Therapy Needs of Children Ages 2-to-8 Years

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (October 20, 2005) – Today, AT KidSystems™ officially launches its inaugural product line – Cosmo’s Learning Systems™, featuring Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software.  Closing the Gap’s 23rd Annual Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota, serves as the setting for the formal roll out of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.

“Closing the Gap is the ideal venue for introducing the assistive technology community to the Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.  We recognized a need and put our talents together to bring this incredible product to market for young children with and without disabilities,” explained Dr. Corinna E. Lathan, Chief Executive Officer of AT KidSystems™ and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnthroTronix, Inc.  “Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ successfully gives teachers and therapists a well proven set of tools to motivate, teach and entertain young minds while delivering unmatched data-gathering proficiencies vital to tracking children’s progress and attaining established learning goals.”

Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ is designed to support the educational and rehabilitative goals of children of developmental ages 2-to-8 years.  The technologically advanced suite of innovative learning tools features Mission Control™ and Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software’s first product, “Playground Discovery.”  Mission Control™ is a unique, multi-functional computer access device equipped with four large state-of-the-art aFFx™ activators, a built-in microphone and eight external ports to accommodate any additional sensors or attachments.   Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ Software showcases virtual character Cosmo™ and encourages children to share its many adventures through Mission Control™.

“A dedicated team effort…Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ is the culmination of the merging of technology with the exceptional expertise of specialists in physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, assistive technology and education,” said Judd Nathanson, President of AT KidSystems™.  “After months of hard work perfecting our first product line, we are officially open for business with the sale of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™.  The reward for us comes in knowing the tremendous impact that Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ will have on the future of children with and without disabilities.”

AT KidSystems™ offered a sneak preview of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ in Booth #502 of the Great Hall, Atrium 7 during a special opening of the exhibition area on Wednesday evening, October 19, to attendees of the Closing the Gap’s pre-conference workshop.  Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ premieres at the opening of the 23rd Annual Conference and Exhibition on Thursday, October 20, 2005, at 9:00 a.m.  The Closing the Gap event, being held at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, 7800 Normandale Boulevard, in Bloomington Minnesota, runs through October 22.