Cosmo Featured in Hands-on Lab to Enable Attendees to Test Technology

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND (January 18, 2007) – AT KidSystems(TM), the manufacturer and distributor of children-related products, will provide demonstrations and host a “hands-on lab” featuring Cosmo’s Learning Systems(TM) during the 2007 Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Conference and Exhibition on January 24-27 in Orlando, Florida. Cosmo’s Learning Systems is an innovation in learning for children with and without disabilities.

Cosmo’s Learning Systems will be demonstrated in Booth #107 during the ATIA Conference and Exhibition being held at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando. The Hands-on Lab will be conducted on Saturday, January 27 from 8:00-10:00 a.m. in Caribbean Ballroom #1. During the Hands-on Lab presentation, “Wheaties for Preschoolers: Computer-Based PreK Therapy and Learning Strategies,” participants will have the opportunity to interact personally with Cosmo’s Learning Systems, which is comprised of the computer interface device, Mission Control(TM), and the first Cosmo’s Play and Learn(TM) software educational program titled Playground Discovery.

“We have had rave reviews since we introduced Cosmo’s Learning Systems in the marketplace last summer,” said Dr. Corinna E. Lathan, Chief Executive Officer of AT KidSystems and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnthroTronix, Inc. “Everyone who has experienced the virtual character Cosmo(TM) and the adventures that Cosmo entices the user to explore, is won over by the proven results and immense possibilities that the product line offers to therapists, educators and parents.”

Dr. Lathan explained that “the ATIA Conference offers attendees a unique forum in which to ‘test-drive’ the latest innovations in assistive technology products and services. We have had a tremendous response from practitioners who have tried Cosmo’s Learning Systems and are excited to afford ATIA participants with a similar experience.”

Cosmo’s Learning Systems motivates children with developmental age of 2-to-8 years. Children with and without disabilities use Mission Control in place of a mouse or keyboard to engage Cosmo in exploring numerous activities featured in Cosmo’s Play and Learn software program. Mission Control is a versatile computer access device with four (4) aFFx(TM) activators and a built-in microphone. Cosmo’s Play and Learn software provides entertaining content while supporting individual educational and rehabilitation goals with customization and data tracking.