AnthroTronix CEO to Discuss FDA-Cleared Brain Health Assessment Tool at AARP Dementia Care Technology and Innovation Forum


Dr. Cori Lathan to Address the Use of Cognitive mHealth Tools for Individuals with Dementia and their Caregivers

Silver Spring, Md. – AnthroTronix (@AnthroTronix) CEO and Board Chair Dr. Cori Lathan(@clathan) will participate in the one-day AARP Dementia Care Technology and Innovation Forum, where she will discuss the AnthroTronix FDA-cleared brain health assessment tool, DANA, and its use as a diagnostic support tool for those at-risk for dementia and for caregivers of those with dementia.

WHO: AnthroTronix, an engineering research and development firm committed to optimizing the interaction between people and technology.

WHAT: Dr. Cori Lathan will speak on the panel “The Dementia Journey,” which will review the different stages of the dementia journey (diagnosis, therapy, coaching caregivers, social engagement, independent living). The panelists will discuss the exciting approaches and technologies that could be used now and in the future to help with diagnosis and management of dementia to improve the lives both of those who have the disease and their caregivers.

Lathan will share her experience developing DANA and how the brain health software platform can be used to indicate changes in cognitive health that could be early indicators of dementia and help dementia caregivers, who are at increased risk for depression due to the physical, mental, and emotional burden of caregiving. Research studies have been conducted using DANA, including one that used the tool to analyze the cognitive effect that ongoing caregiving has on those who serve individuals with dementia and another that studied the stability and reliability of DANA in tracking cognitive performance in elderly and adolescent populations over time.

DANA, which received FDA clearance in October 2014, is a mobile medical software platform that can be used on a phone or tablet and works on both the Android and iOS operating systems. It’s a game-like tool that can provide data within minutes to help assess and measure a person’s brain/cognitive health.

WHERE: Woolly Mammoth Theater, 641 D Street NW, Washington, D.C.

WHEN: December 3, 2015, 1:30 p.m. EST.

The one-day AARP Dementia Care Technology and Innovation Forum is a collaborative event focused on the challenges experienced by those living with dementia and the promise that new, innovative technologies hold for improving the quality of their life and those of their caregivers. The forum is designed as a memorable interactive and creative experience that will raise awareness, map out opportunities, and inspire impactful action.

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